Silas & Kaley

Had the incredible privilege to film Silas & Kaley's wedding last month in Chattanooga, TN. Kaley was my former youth group student when I was a youth leader in Roanoke, VA. It's crazy how much time has passed (I feel so old!) and what's even sweeter is how great of a friend Kaley has become to me and my family. She is kind, listens, asks genuine questions and wants to know how I'm doing, prays for me, and is an all around goofball. It was even more special for me to see the transformation God has done in her life from that scared, awkward 10th grader to a beautiful woman who loves like Jesus. So excited for her and Silas and the adventure they are headed on together. 

Hope this little glimpse into their big day gives you a sense of the laid back and quirky couple that they are. 

Your wedding was so much fun and beautiful, guys. Congrats. You're always welcome in my house.