Things That Cannot Be Removed // A Mini-Documentary


There is no doubt that Catholicism has played a huge role throughout the lives of the Spanish people for centuries. The current state of spirituality and distaste for religiosity, in general, and the Christian message, in particular, among Madrileños has been irrevocably wedded to the dictatorship of Francisco Franco and the power of the Catholic Church. Indeed, the abuse of power throughout Spanish history has been the chief force that has kept spiritual concerns out of the hearts and minds of Spanish people for decades, if not centuries. Will this current, restless era of rising unemployment rates, sexual and social freedom, political liberty coupled with financial decay be the turning point for many Madrileños to find a solution to the hunger that haunts spiritually - even amidst seeming freedom and luxury?

This mini-documentary features interviews with Spaniards, Christian and non-Christian, as they offer different perspectives on their take on religion and the need for a new gospel-centered movement of churches throughout Spain that follow in the humble steps of Jesus and his message of grace. This mini-documentary was produced in partnership with Mission to the World ( and was filmed over the course of three weeks among contacts and friends of current missionaries on the field in Madrid.

Thank you to the hospitality and support we received in the making of this video, to Andrew Terrell for providing translations, guiding me around the city, connecting me with people. And thank you to everyone I was able to interview for your candor, transparency in beliefs, gentleness and welcoming and befriending me.

Canon 5D Mark II, III

Zacuto Recoil Rig Syrp slider + Genie

Canon 1.4 50mm

Canon 2.8 70-200mm

Canon TS-E 3.5 24mm

Rode NTG-3 Shotgun Mic

Tascam DR60D

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, Speedgrade, After Effects, Media Encoder

Music licensed with 'Aerials' Lights & Motion, 'Back to the Ocean' - Jesiah, 'Letting Go' - Carolino