Sea Change // Easter Island

This song means a great deal to me in a variety of ways. When I was l living in Japan, Ethan and I had planned a fun trip to go all over Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagano - his flight was booked, hotels were reserved, everything was set. The day before he flew out to meet me, I got word my Dad's time in this world was running short. I had to cancel our trip and leave for the States (Ethan still came to Japan by himself anyway). I booked the first flight home that I could find, biked up a small mountain near メゾン山田 as fast as I could to a secluded temple and wept and prayed to God to let this nightmare pass. Everything was falling apart. The sun was setting beautifully over Nagoya. I was all alone. I felt God's peace.

Fast forward weeks later, I asked Ethan to play music at my Dad's funeral because I didn't know who to call. He immediately booked a flight down to Florida, having just arrived in America himself. He saw me and my family at our lowest and he was willing to just sit with us in our awkwardness and sadness for a week. He slept on the couch. He saw my Dad's body. I don't know how he could stand it. I cried when he sang.

That's what this song is about. It's a hard one for me to listen to, but it's a reminder I need that even in the hardest moment of my life, someone was looking out for me and my family.

We went back to Japan last Fall to film a few of these songs - back to where this story began with me and my Dad. We took the trip we never got to take. Made sense to do it that way.

Ethan + Ryan are solid guys and they have worked so hard on this new album - set to be released later this year. I love these two a lot and I can't wait for everyone to be swept away with what they've created.