IWant To tell your story.

Hi! I'm Jake. I'm originally from Georgia, USA but just returned from 3 years in Japan. I grew up my whole life kind of addicted to media and the power it has to tell beautiful, raw and compelling stories. I started out with my twin brother using one of those old VHS cameras goofing off with friends and making stupid horror films and mimicking Monty Python for days. Since then, I've been on quite the journey to get to where I am. I love art and the visual medium of photography and videography I've chosen to dedicate my time and life to, but most of all, I love people; all kinds of people. I love the power of a good story. I love the rawness of emotion and energy that pours throughout humanity as we all attempt to navigate this world in our own ways. I want to be a part of your story because it matters. Let me help you in telling it!

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